Sierra   Litre Meter have manufactured the LM and MM range of pelton wheel turbine flowmeters since 1975. The VFF range of rotary piston positive displacement meters joined the line-up in 1985. Litre Meter specialise in low flow measurement. Many of the meters are customised to customers precise requirments particularly in the field of Oil & Gas.


Flow Meter Calibration
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Calibration in UK

8 calibration rigs for liquid measurement -flowmeter calibration

Water, MEG or any fluid/viscosity

0.00016 to 1000 l/min -flow meter calibration

Gravimetric or Master Meter calibration


Litre Meter, UK

Flowmeter Calibration Availability

Located around the world, Litre Meter's network of partners have a very wide range of flowmeter calibration rigs.

Water, oils, gases

Almost any!

Gravimetric, Master meter, piston prover, primary standard, volumetric, portable - all for flowmeter calibration

NIST, DAkkS, OKD calibration and other traceabilities.

Worldwide flowmeter calibration, but all accessible through Litre Meter UK.

Calibration on Kral Flowmeters

OKD laboratory

Exxsol D120 - approximately 5 cSt

1 to 2250 l/min

Master Meter

KD 24, traceable to International Standards, Austrian Calibration Service

Kral AG, Austria

Calibration by KEM
Mass m of flowing liquids
Measured flow rate dm/dt of flowing liquids
Volume V of flowing liquids

Flow rate dV/dt of flowing liquids

Medium being measured; liquids with a density of p = 650 kg/m to p = 1000 kg/m and a viscosity of v = 1 mm/s v = 100 mm/s

  Measuring range: 0.016 to 2.000 l/min

 According to ISO 4185: Measurement of liquids in closed pipelines weighing procedure

Measuring uncertainty: 0.05%-0.1% of the measurement