What’s the best chemical injection flow meter? An expert explains:

Litre Meter VFF rotary piston positive displacement flowmeters have proven to be the foremost solution for chemical injection flow metering applications. They are able to handle the wide range of flows at pressures from a few bar up to 10,000 and 20,000 psi (690, 1,380 bar) and higher. The FlowPod instrument has been developed after feedback from many clients in the chemical injection arena, focussing on ease-of-use, compactness and functionality. Sign up for FlowSight, the Litre Meter newsletter.

In many chemical injection applications the VFF is the sole answer because of it’s unique capabilities at the ‘margins of measurement’. This might include super low flow rates and low viscosity or awkward chemical compatibility and material requirements. The standard range of VFF meters, available from 2015, was also designed in response to user feedback. It provides a number of bespoke chemical injection features that are no longer specials.  Since then, 80% of meters supplied have been from stock designs as opposed to 20% before.  This also means that drawings are immediately available including STEP files, lifting diagrams and parts lists.

Since 2013, as standard, all VFF meters have a URL given on the name plate and a QR code that links to a website with specific calibration certificates, manuals, hydrostatic test certificates and material certificates.

  • VFF positive displacement meters can measure accurately at any pressure and with a pulsing pump.  The measurement accuracy is unaffected by working pressure or change due to the unique construction.
  • VFF positive displacement meters can measure a range of chemicals at extreme low flows such as less than 100 ml per hour and at low or high viscosity.  Particle size limits are a generous 40 or 100 microns.
  • VFF positive displacement meters can measure a variety of chemicals requiring alternatives to 316L.  Titanium rotors are standard with titanium, super duplex and Hastelloy options for body and cap.
  • VFF positive displacement meters can be constructed using exotic materials and/or exotic material specifications. Litre Meter have developed their own material specification for 316L, duplex and super duplex. We have built meters from highly specified materials with extensive testing regimes to tight delivery times.

Call us now with your chemical injection metering requirements for probably the best flowmeter.  (it’s why LITRE METER RECEIVES A QUEEN’S AWARD FOR ENTERPRISE)

VFF Flowmeter Sizes and Connections.

Electronic documentation – leading the way

Litre Meter now provides all documentation electronically for it’s manufactured flowmeters.  That’s not just a manual emailed to the client, either.  Each meter has a product label and includes a QR code and URL. At the website location there’s a minimum of a calibration certificate, quick start instructions and a full Installation and Operation Manual (IOM). Most will also have material certificates, hydrostatic test certificates, wiring diagrams and a function test cert. Sign up for FlowSight, the Litre Meter newsletter.

The product label is comprehensive, providing all calibration data.  The URL provides everything else the installation engineer might need. Using a smart phone and scanning the QR code is even more convenient.

Charles Wemyss, CEO of Litre Meter, says:”If a client needs any information emailed we just send the link. For larger projects with a number of flowmeters and larger documentation packages we include a single zip file for ease of downloading.  We’ve been providing this as part of our service since 2013 and our customers love it! This is a project dear to our hearts that cuts waste right down and provides our clients with a very quick and easy access point.  As far as we know, there is no other instrumentation company providing this level of data direct to their clients.”.

Litre Meter QR code allows remote access to documentation


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