2021 A Year In Review

A letter from our CEOCharles Wemsyss
Charles Wemyss 

Welcome to our 2021 year in review. We have insight from different teams across the business and I also bring you some exciting 2022 business plans.

2021 brought an uneasiness for businesses across the UK and now at the end of year, it was very much impacted by a variety of the usual factors.  A positive, was the return of the UK economy to pre-2020 levels, but within the oil & gas sector, some projects have been delayed by a year or longer.

A gradual change that we have particularly noticed is specialisation. Many of our clients don’t require an off-the-shelf solution. The projects require more engineering or additional quality processes, which we are ideally placed to assist with.

Below are some highlights from the teams across the business along with some insight into 2022!

To wrap up the year, as a business we are in the process of developing a new web strategy & are recruiting some key roles in assisting our plans for 2022 and beyond.

We want to take this opportunity to wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

Hamed Ali

Sales Team
Hamed Ali Senior Applications Engineer

As a Sales Team, we had anticipated a difficult year for 2021. However, we overcame some of the most challenging times the business has seen and we have worked on a range of projects this year.

We have seen an increasing demand for flowmeters that are capable of measuring hydrogen to fuel for vehicles, and modernising existing hydrogen flow meters. Alongside that, we have worked on a request to support the expansion of a carbon capture project for environmental reasons.

These projects support the news in the media that businesses are taking steps to reduce their waste. The Ritter Fermentation System has peaked interest amongst our customers and there have been enquiries from a range of sectors and industries for this system.

We have seen an increase in demand for our larger size model V125 VFF Rotary Piston flowmeter over the past year. Supplied to customers with female NPT, Flanged and Techok Hub connections, although other types are available upon request. We are now able to supply custom sunshades for the protection from extreme temperature and environmental conditions.

Marketing Team
Katie Hunt Digital Marketing Executive

2021 has been an exciting year for Litre Meter’s marketing behind the scenes. After recruiting an internal marketing role for the first time in Litre Meter history, we have been able to deliver a fully integrated marketing mix strategy for the business.

Now that the foundations have been laid with internal systems and digital channels up and running, 2022 will see the business grow in web development and advertising across a range of platforms. From your point of view, communicating and making transactions with us will be simpler along with some exciting new developments which we will keep you in the loop about.


Production Team
Tim Smith Production Manager

While most people’s year has been overshadowed by COVID, Litre Meter production has remained largely unaffected. This is down to both the maintaining of Litre Meter’s COVID protocols within the building and our staff’s personal responsibility outside of it. I am very proud of the team for this and it really speaks to their professionalism.

2021 was the year of strengthening calibration capabilities for the Production Team at Litre Meter. One of our aims was to enable us to calibrate large meters on oil at higher viscosities. We took the steps to make this improvement to our calibration and test equipment and we are now able to calibrate to these means. We also worked alongside our R&D team to implement and test the changes they devised.

We will be making more changes to this rig in the New Year, to allow changeover of viscosities. We will also be implementing a new pressure testing rig from our pressure test partners. This has some excellent safety features which will allow us to test up to 2500 bar with complete confidence.

During 2021, one of our valued Production Engineers decided to change career. Although a loss to the team it has allowed us to re-strengthen the team through Rafael.

Rafael is now a key member of the team who has brought professionalism, diligence, and a thirst for learning to the few months he has already spent here. We are looking forward to the steps that he and the rest of the team make over into 2022.

Engineering & Design Team
Lorenzo Maramao Project & Design Engineer

2021 brought some changes to the Engineering & Design team and our latest recruit Sahan joined us in July this year.

Sahan has brought a wealth of mechanical knowledge and his flair for design and problem solving has made him a great asset to the company.

One of the largest projects we worked on this year involved designing four of our V125 flow meters to fit a custom specification and envelope. The flow meters are going to be used in one of the most corrosive and demanding areas of the world.

We also completed a development project with a customer to design a high pressure, subsea and chemical injection flowmeter. This project involved a lot of collaboration between Litre Meter and the customer and included a large amount of stringent testing to have the product approved. The end result, a project that enabled us to use a range of different skills to build a bespoke and tailored flow meter that was up for the challenge.

R&D and Electronics Design Team
Filip Nevezi Electronics R&D and Design Engineer

We have been working hard on our calibration facility this year. The aim was to further improve robustness, accuracy and repeatability of our calibration rigs within the business. Along with the rigs, there have been several other improvements made. These include improvements to our software, electronic and mechanical parts of the calibration rigs.

By working with our sister company AW Lake, we overcame a Flow Transmitter challenge presented to us and were able to create a bespoke product for one of our good customers which. This replaced an older model adding features including an updated and modern looking display, Bluetooth and smaller form factor.

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