Five secrets to selecting the optimum ultrasonic flowmeter

Flow meters based on the ultrasonic principle can be excellent solutions to flow measurement problems.  Our CEO Charles Wemyss exposes five secrets to consider when selecting the best Ultrasonic flow meter. Ultrasonically conductive In traditional clamp-on ultrasonic flow meters, the transducers are clamped to the outside of the pipe and an acoustic gel is essential … Read more

What does a Coriolis flowmeter measure? – an Expert writes.

Coriolis Principle The principle of this flow meter depends on the Coriolis effect. A Coriolis mass flow meter measures: Mass flow rate Density Volume flow rate, by calculation, and Temperature In simple terms, the answer is mass flow: the amount of mass per unit of time flowing through the tubes of the meter. However, there is … Read more

What Wikipedia can’t tell you about Flowmeters

Wikipedia is a great resource but as with all pages with contributions by the public, it relies heavily on moderators and, bots. Flowmeters on Wiki Various pages on flowmeters have been created but not necessarily ideally split between technologies, markets or applications. Each lists some basics such as principles of operation and they may have … Read more

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