Electronic documentation – leading the way

Litre Meter now provides all documentation electronically for it’s manufactured flowmeters.  That’s not just a manual emailed to the client, either.  Each meter has a product label and includes a QR code and URL. At the website location there’s a minimum of a calibration certificate, quick start instructions and a full Installation and Operation Manual (IOM). Most will also have material certificates, hydrostatic test certificates, wiring diagrams and a function test cert. Sign up for FlowSight, the Litre Meter newsletter.

The product label is comprehensive, providing all calibration data.  The URL provides everything else the installation engineer might need. Using a smart phone and scanning the QR code is even more convenient.

Charles Wemyss, CEO of Litre Meter, says:”If a client needs any information emailed we just send the link. For larger projects with a number of flowmeters and larger documentation packages we include a single zip file for ease of downloading.  We’ve been providing this as part of our service since 2013 and our customers love it! This is a project dear to our hearts that cuts waste right down and provides our clients with a very quick and easy access point.  As far as we know, there is no other instrumentation company providing this level of data direct to their clients.”.

Litre Meter QR code allows remote access to documentation


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