KEM Küppers Subsea flowmeter solutions

Litre Meter are now the exclusive distributors for KEM Küppers. In addition to their standard ranges of positive displacement and turbine flowmeters KEM offer a customisation service that encompasses the necessary modifications and approvals for subsea service. Both the ZHM gear meter and HM turbine meter have versions that are designed to rigorous subsea specifications. The subsea versions have encapsulated electronics, a welded stainless steel cover and an FEA designed housing that remains stable at high external pressures. All of these are manufactured by Litre Meter’s sister company KEM Küppers in Germany. Sign up for FlowSight, the Litre Meter newsletter.

Two Subsea Applications:

Production – Blow Out Preventers (BOPs) are large subsea control valves used to prevent uncontrolled release of pressure or flow of fluid during well drilling operations or production. The hydraulic valve can be remotely controlled to close or open to avoid a “blow out”, and are typically installed multiple times in stacks as a precaution. Maintenance of BOPs and regularly testing is a very high priority for both the oil company and drilling rigs. Subsea turbine flow meters are used on the hydraulic fluid to monitor the valves to ensure that they are functioning correctly when needed.

ZHM: Positive displacement gear meter with wide flow range. Image shows subsea cover and connector.

Subsea chemical injection – As oil is pumped from the subsea well, many chemicals and additives are injected to ensure maximum productivity. In many cases, oil companies install subsea flow meters to measure these chemicals at the point of entry, which is often far below the surface, instead of topside where the liquid has to travel a great distance before entering the flow stream. Often this is more cost effective. Subsea Positive Displacement (PD) flow meters are used to inject additives such as mono ethylene glycol (MEG), methanol, and low-dose inhibitors (LDIs).

HM: Axial turbine flowmeter, redesigned for subsea duty, with subsea electrical connectors.

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