Litre Meter, Company of the Year

It gives us great pleasure to present Litre Meter Limited with the prestigious and highly sought after Industrial Process News Flow Measurement ?Company of the Year?.

Speaking with CEO Charles Wemyss and Industrial Process News Editor Thomas Gill, we unveil the reasons why Litre Meter Limited has been selected for this prestigious award, why the company has been so successful over the past twelve months and how they have weathered the economic crisis.

Thomas explained: ‘If I’m being honest, it didn?t take much deliberation when selecting our Company of the Year. From our research, Litre Meter were head and shoulders above the rest in the category and have proven their worth especially over the past twelve months.

‘As we all know, weathering the economic downturn is crucial for all businesses and very difficult at that. But Litre Meter have managed to not only sustain their position in such difficult times but have also seen some encouraging signs, continually moving forward, and this was the real clincher for the team at Industrial Process News.’

Charles explained: The last time we won an award was back in 2005 and that was a springboard to part of our success, and we are hoping that this will generate the same outcome. It feels great to know that our hard work and dedication has been noticed. A job well done I say.

The past twelve months has been fantastic for us, as we have seen significant growth, acquiring more orders than the previous two years combined. This has particularly been driven by our presence in the Oil & Gas sectors. We are now in a position where we are very busy exporting, have a huge level of stock and have a large back log of orders that we are currently working on. Having so much business has given us a great deal of confidence.

To be honest the current economy hasn’t affected our business at all, which has allowed us to take strides forward in the industry. As the majority of our business is executed abroad, we haven’t had to shelter ourselves from any hardship in the UK. Our sales in the UK have risen and we are expecting, once the UK economy is stabilising, home-grown business to get even better, opening more doorways.

Our forecasts were significantly exceeded with a 29% rise in sales over budget and a 91% rise in bookings compared to 2012.

Our most successful product has been the LF05, part of the VFF range, which has been available for its first full year in 2013. Particularly successful in the Oil & Gas industries, the LF05 has pulled along other flowmeter sizes with its success, plus accompanying  instruments and accessories.


A simple construction with only one moving part and reed switch pulse output, the LF05 is a positive displacement flowmeter with 316 stainless steel body. With a PVD coated titanium rotor only, the LF05 is hazardous area approved as standard. Available with any end connections to your individual applications, the product has a flow range of 0 to 30 I/hr and is accurate to ±1% linearity, ±0.5% linearization and ±0.25 repeatability.

Other Litre Meter 2013 innovations have included: LF03 estimated at 60% flow rates of the LF05; a new connection type ? ½ inch OD tube; and QR codes on each meter, with links to material certs, calibration certs and instructions via the internet.

Looking ahead, we are aiming for more of the same. We currently have four times more orders, and we are looking to utilise our additional resources and information to increase production for the forthcoming years. With more resources available our ability to plan ahead has dramatically increased and we continue to grow and innovate.?

Company Profile:

Founded in 1975, Litre Meter Limited is a world-leading designer and manufacturer of flowmeters, which are installed on a wide variety of applications across the UK, Europe, America, as well as the rest of the world. Litre Meter works in a number of high profile industries including Oil and Gas, Aerospace, Automotive, Marine, Mining, Power Generation, and many others.

Litre Meter is a member of the TASI Flow Division, as well as the Institute of Manufacturing at Cambridge University, FPAL, Achilles, Institute of Measurement and Control and Northampton Chamber of Commerce. Litre Meter hold ISO9001:2008 approval.

Charles Wemyss, Chief Executive of Litre Meter Limited, commented: ?When flow measurement is critical, consult the specialists. Litre Meter has been leading the field since its founding, with a well established reputation for the design, manufacture and supply of flowmeters of all kinds.?

Firstly, Litre Meter pioneered the development of the Pelton Wheel flowmeter: an accurate, effective and versatile design suitable for many different fluids including acids, chemicals, fuels, spirits and water, at both high and low flow rates.

Then since 1986, Litre Meter has developed the popular VFF meter (literally, Viscous Fluids Flowmeter) for low flow & high pressure applications for the offshore industry particularly for chemical injection. And in 2011 the company supplied the largest ever chemical injection flowmeter order for the Gulf of Mexico.

Litre Meter?s portfolio for the UK now includes flowmeters of all kinds, including rotary meters, gas flowmeters, helical screw flowmeters, electromagnetic and ultrasonic flowmeters to handle a wide range of viscosities, flow rates and pressures, aggressive liquids and hazardous or adverse environments. They have particular expertise in measuring low flow rates and flows at high pressure.

‘To fulfil our customer’s needs in the UK we also distribute other flowmeters from many flowmeter manufacturers. For gas flow we offer Sierra thermal mass gas flowmeters, vortex flowmeters, Ritter gas meters, Hoffer turbine meters and Ritter gas sampling bags. Sierra also manufacture thermal mass gas flow controllers,’ added Charles.

For more information please don’t hesitate to contact one of the team on 01296 670200 or email: [email protected]. Alternatively, to view a full product portfolio or download spec sheets visit



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