Measuring adhesives in Automotive Batteries

Measuring adhesives in automotive batteries

Lithium Batter

A look at how the KEM Helical flowmeter measures adhesives in automotive batteries and the suitability for this application.

Automotive application:

The replacement of conventional combustion vehicles by electric vehicles is revolutionizing the automotive sector.  A basic requirement for electromobility is efficient and reliable battery technologies.

The lithium batteries used in electric vehicles are based on battery stacking technology. In this process several lithium batteries are connected in series to form a power battery (cell). To form a module, the cells are connected in series. Several modules in parallel form a battery pack with high energy density and range. This assembly process is complex, and the specifications of the battery must be balanced by the requirements for heat dissipation, strength, and low weight. To improve the thermal conductivity, a quantity of filler such as silicon dioxide (SiO2), aluminium dioxide (Al₂O₃) with a filler content of 30 – 70 % is added. The adhesive tape must be dimensionally stable and resistant to particle abrasion. Measuring at high viscosities and with large media particles poses a corresponding challenge to the flow measurement technology. High measuring range dynamics, long-term stability and high reproducibility must be guaranteed.

Flowmeter solution:

The high-resolution KEM Helical Flow Meter (SRZ series) is the ideal solution. It meets the quality standard for the production processes through a bearing concept specially adapted to the requirements, long-term stability, and high reproducibility. The helical screw has been used for this type of applications for decades and is well-proven.

Typical Technical Data:

Medium: Thermal conductive adhesive
Temperature: 20 to 40 °C
Pressure: 40 – 80 bar (g)
Measuring range: 0.12 – 7.75          (0.43 – 28) ml/s             (l/hr)
Viscosity: 270,000 – 300,000 cP
Density: 1.15 – 1.55 kg/l


Pressure Equipment Directive 97/23/EC, 2014/68/EU
AD2000 HP0
Explosion protection 2014/34/EU
Flow Calibration to ISO 17025

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