New reed sensors now available

We have launched new sensor solutions to complement our revamped range of VFF flowmeters.

Our reed sensor package has been improved and now comes in a 316 stainless steel enclosure which is easy to install within the VFF range. The sensor comes complete with two reed switches that can be set for reverse flow detection or redundancy.

The sensor is tested to one billion pulses and environmentally tested in accordance with BS EN 13628-6: 2006. It is temperature rated to -20 to +80°C and it is available with the two or four wire Flowpod – the new explosion proof flow indication display unit for Litre Meter positive displacement flowmeters.

The non-wetted part has an M6 connector and the sensor is compact and designed for use at high pressures.

The new optional field sensor package comes in the same robust 316 stainless steel housing in order to make the sensors interchangeable with one another. The field sensor enables the output resolution of the VFF meter to be increased by a factor of twelve and it can still detect reverse flow.

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