Pelton Wheel flowmeters

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LM & MM Pelton Wheel

LMX Pelton Wheel
Stainless Steel Pelton Wheel LMX Flow Meter

The LMX series, pictured, was designed from the outset to meet two simple parameters: a pressure rating of 100 bar coupled with a temperature rating of 100°C. End couplings are either ½”NPT or BSP with built-in straight lengths of pipe. As a bonus, the minimum fluid temperature can be -50°C and there are just 3 wetted materials. With 316 stainless steel, PTFE and sapphire in contact with the fluid there are few applications that it can’t handle. Flow rate abilities are selected by different internal jets enabling the same size body to measure from 0.004 l/min up to 65 l/min in just a few sizes.

Applications are numerous. The Pelton Wheel was originally developed with petrol and water in mind.  These are both low viscosity fluids and are measured regularly, often at low flow rates. The smallest range (LM003) is designed to measure from 4 millilitres per minute up to 60 ml/min. As the jet size increases the rangeability also increases. The LM05, for example, 0.02 to 1.3 l/min and the LM220 is a magnificent 0.1 to 28 l/min.




These wide ranges can be attributed to 3 significant design factors:

  • Wide bladed pelton wheel design for maximum impulse
  • Sapphire bearings for minimal friction
  • A no-drag sensor to enable lowest flows

With over 44 years’ experience in these meters we have optimised the bearing and sensor design for long life and high efficiency with remarkable linearity.

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