What Wikipedia can’t tell you about Flowmeters

Wikipedia is a great resource but as with all pages with contributions by the public, it relies heavily on moderators and, bots.

Flowmeters on Wiki

LSonic Flow Meter Full Range

Various pages on flowmeters have been created but not necessarily ideally split between technologies, markets or applications. Each lists some basics such as principles of operation and they may have advantages and disadvantages. They may also have some typical limits on use related to line size or various fluid properties. They are often written by contributors with vested interests, then edited to make it more readable, less biased but still not with every reader’s needs in mind.

When to speak to your supplier

What these pages on flowmeters do not have is an overarching page with fields enabled for the process variables linked to specific solutions. Nor do they have a cost expectation for purchase and total cost of ownership. For all of these the customer should turn to a supplier.  If that supplier only sells one type of meter then that meter technology may not be the right one. Perhaps it can be shoe-horned into the process but it isn’t necessarily ‘right’.

Leave it to the expertsPelton Wheel Range

Nor will the pages provide help in fault diagnosis, let alone resolution.  For all of these needs look no further than a flowmeter distributor and/or manufacturer who has access to many technologies or specialises in the required application. They will have the right recommendations. If the sales team are experienced then the potential of the advice will be to reduce the cost of ownership just in its correctness.

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