V125 flowmeter trends

We’ve noticed a trend in Chemical Injection Flowmeters Over the last year we have seen an increase in V125 flowmeter sales. Our CEO Charles Wemyss takes a closer look at the flowmeter normally used in chemical injection applications. Litre Meter’s VFF range Our range of VFF sizes goes from the very lowest flows in the … Read more

The Base Model, 4 standard meters at better prices

Introducing our ”Base Model” series of VFF meters. The most popular VFF meters are now available in standard configurations at keener prices and shorter delivery times. The Base Model Range These are the LF15, MF30, VFF4 and VFF8 sizes. 1/2″NPT threaded female connections, 316L stainless steel bodies and elastomer seals complete the specification. The internals … Read more

Rotary Piston versus Turbine Flow Meters – Application strengths

We’re often asked why we recommend our VFF Rotary Piston device for chemical injection and, in particular, against the traditional turbine flowmeter.  Here are 8 specific advantages of the VFF over turbine flowmeters: Low Flow The lowest flow measurable by a VFF rotary piston positive displacement flowmeter is two orders lower, especially if the viscosity … Read more

Six Degrees of customisation

Litre Meter supply a range of flow meters for Oil & Gas applications. They specialise in customising a range of flowmeters to meet specific customer requirements. A good example of this is flow meters for subsea use i.e. with the ability to work subsea and transmit a flow signal signal to the surface. The image … Read more

Low Flow Calibration – limits

What’s the difference between LF03, LF05 and LF15 in the context of STD, LF and ULF calibrations?

Flowmeters for Sodium Hypochlorite – Hazardous Area, too

Litre Meter can provide optimum solutions for a wide range of flow rates of Sodium Hypochlorite. Using a variety of materials, a flowmeter can be constructed that handles any specific concentration of NaOCl and provide a display and/or output for measurement and control.

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