Flow Monitoring in Hazardous Locations

All  of Litre Meter’s VFF flowmeters are certified for use in Hazardous Areas.  They are supplied with certification as standard approved to ATEX, IECEx and CSA US standards.  Normal instrumentation is the Litre Meter FlowPod which can be mounted directly on the meter or remotely. Optionally, the Fluidwell range can be used with IS specification. … Read more

Combination Flowmeter & Bluetooth Instrument

Compact & Bluetooth Pelton Wheel Meter for Low Flow

Litre Meter are pleased to announce that the combination of the field proven Pelton wheel meter with the newly introduced RT-50 from AW Lake has resulted in a unique instrument. The LMGN pelton wheel is available in a variety of flow ranges and has been integrated into the plastic housing of the RT-50 which is … Read more

Custom Pelton Wheel flowmeter designs

Litre Meter have manufactured pelton wheel flowmeters since 1975.  They are based on a light-weight, low inertia, plastic rotor spinning on jewelled bearings and monitored by a no-drag pick off. The standard range covers many flow rates, materials, end connections and pressure ratings.  The wide rangeability and compactness lends their design to a multitude of … Read more

Pelton Wheel flowmeters

Litre Meter manufacture and distribute an enviable range of flowmeters. From the low flow robustness of the VFF positive displacement meter to the precision of the Tricor Coriolis range, Litre Meter have a solution to your tricky measurement application.  Call our engineers now to receive the best advice on meter selection and application. LM & … Read more

Measuring Sodium Hypochlorite in Hazardous Areas

Sodium Hypochlorite can be difficult to measure as it requires specific wetted materials. Litre Meter have two technologies available for sodium hypochlorite flow measurement.

Flowmeters for Sodium Hypochlorite – Hazardous Area, too

Litre Meter can provide optimum solutions for a wide range of flow rates of Sodium Hypochlorite. Using a variety of materials, a flowmeter can be constructed that handles any specific concentration of NaOCl and provide a display and/or output for measurement and control.

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