What does a Coriolis flowmeter measure? – an Expert writes.

Coriolis Principle The principle of this flow meter depends on the Coriolis effect. A Coriolis mass flow meter measures: Mass flow rate Density Volume flow rate, by calculation, and Temperature In simple terms, the answer is mass flow: the amount of mass per unit of time flowing through the tubes of the meter. However, there is … Read more

Vinyl Acetate Coating – Accurate Flow Measurement

HIGHLY ACCURATE AND RELIABLE PROCESS CONTROL Application: Vinyl acetate Veova polymers are widely used in coating industries as a paint binder. These polymers are recommended for alkali-resistant emulsion paint with scrub resistance. The emulsions also display good weathering resistance. They are recommended for low sheen paint and exterior matt & textured paint. Typical Applications include: … Read more

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