Commission & Installation

Litre Meter are able to offer precise advice on all aspects of commissioning. Whether it’s from a theoretical view for planning purposes or in-person assistance at site, Litre Meter have the breadth of knowledge required.

With over 50,000 Litre Meter flowmeters active in the field, we pride ourselves on our inspection services. At any point, you can return your flow meter to us for an examination and inspection or we can visit you on site and provide a test with you present.


After Care Solutions

Installation instructions, relevant paperwork and approval documents are sent to ensure you have everything you need to get started. These documents come in the form of a link and include calibration certificates, material test certificates and hydrostatic certificates.

Our flow meters are designed for longevity but sometimes they need a bit of TLC. You can rely on us to rebuild and repair any old equipment, if practical. We will repair our VFF flow meters in-house and recalibrate before returning back to you.