As all fluids vary in ways such as their given pressure, temperature, density, and conductivity, it’s important to consider a flow meter that will be suited to the fluid’s properties to enhance the accuracy of the readings.

Only some types of flow meter are able to efficiently measure gases, including steam. At Litre Meter, we offer the vortex meter from Sierra that can determine steam consumption effectively.

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Vortex Mass Meters

Vortex and other types of ‘oscillatory’ flow meters utilize the behaviour fluid oscillations in order to derive flow rate. This technology works by inducing fluctuations in the fluid properties such as pressure, density or viscosity which can be converted into a flow rate. These flowmeters are normally calibrated on water. No moving parts and relatively tolerant to particulate flow these find many applications where temperatures are high or where other more traditional flowmeter technologies are out of spec. +/- 1.5% rate, 1/2″ to 8″ and insertion.



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