Kormarine 2013

Late October 2013 saw Litre Meter exhibiting at two shows 10,000 kilometres apart.  Stuart Lyle assisted Autek in Stavanger at the Offshore Technology Days 2013 show.

In Busan, South Korea the biannual Kormarine Show attracted 50,000 visitors over 4 days.  Litre Meter were represented by S-Tek Engineering for the first time.  Charles Wemyss brought along one of two portable whisky demonstration flow rigs.  These show the latest VFF flowmeter technology harnessed to Balvenie Triple Cask – 16 years old! The low viscosity nature of whisky makes it one of the harder fluids to measure.  Throughout the duration of the show the LF05 measured down to just 0.120 l/hr (2 ml/min) – that’s just three quarters of a US gallon per day.  And the higher the viscosity the lower it can measure. We were pleased to welcome representatives from DSME, HHI and SHI.  As with Offshore Europe the new project documentation won universal praise.


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