Litre Meter and KEM flowmeters


Litre Meter manufacture and distribute an enviable range of flowmeter. From the low flow robustness of the VFF positive displacement meter to the precision of the Tricor Coriolis range, Litre Meter have a solution to your tricky measurement application.  Call our engineers now to receive the best advice on meter selection and application.

LM & MM Pelton Wheel

LMX, pictured, was designed from the outset with some simple parameters.  A pressure rating of 100bar coupled with a temperature rating of 100°C. End couplings are wither ½”NPT or BSP with built-in straight lengths of pipe. As a bonus the minimum fluid temperature can be -50°C and there are just 3 wetted materials. With 316 stainless steel, PTFE and sapphire in contact with the fluid there are few applications that it can’t handle. Flow rate abilities are selected by different internal jets enabling the same size body to measure from 0.004 l/min up to 65 l/min in just a few sizes.


VFF Positive Displacement

The group of VFF meters pictured are all in the LF range which covers the LF03, LF05 and LF15.  The internal chambers are interchangeable, if required, and future developments of this design will all be based around the same size chamber.  The FlowPod instrument is our standard fit offering most customers exactly what they want. Pressure and temperature ratings range from 414bar to 1380bar and beyond with temperatures to over 100°C depending on area type.

ZHM Gear Meter

The KEM ZHM, shown in High Pressure spec with blue Xylan coated bolts, is a traditional round gear positive displacement meter ideal for hydraulics measurement being capable of wide flow turndowns and a range of materials and specifications.

Tricor Coriolis

The 3rd generation Tricor Coriolis meter is now available with DSP Digital Signal Processing electronics for the ultimate in precision, accuracy.  The standard electronics is still available for general industry use at ±0.3% of reading levels. Sizes cover the majority of applications and the plain bores make selection simple.  Where pressures head north of 300 bar the TCMH can be specified which also has unique OIML137 certification for liquid hydrogen dispensing, also MID-002.

SRZ Helical Screw and HM Turbine

The KEM SRZ Helical Screw Positive Displacement flowmeter and the KEM HM axial turbine flowmeter complete the Litre Meter and KEM range. The SRZ are especially good for high viscosity or abrasive or filled liquids where they are the natural preference to the ZHM.  Viscosity change has little effect and the largest can measure 400 l/min.

The HM turbines are the workhorse of industrial measurement with a clear line of design going back several decades. They are well suited to measuring low and medium viscosity liquids whether they are lubricating or not. They can be specified for cryogenic fluids too. A variety of end fittings and materials reflect their design flexibility.


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