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Litre Meter are manufacturers of the VFF and Pelton Wheel flowmeter series. In the UK we also distribute a variety of flow measurement products. These include Sierra, KEM, Tricor, Ritter and Lake.
So , whether you have a liquid or a gas, low flow or a high flow, low pressure or high pressure, low viscosity or high viscosity measurement need Litre Meter will be able to recommend an appropriate solution.


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VFF Series 

Viscous/Versatile Fluid Flowmeter (VFF)

Positive displacement flowmeters, with a single moving Rotary Piston/ Oscillating Piston that provides a robust and low maintenance product with wide measuring range and high pressure capabilities. 

Pelton Wheel Series

Also known as a radial turbine the highly efficient Pelton Wheel meter has some major advantages, with a range of flow rates. They are suitable for mainly low viscosity fluids like water. The LM series is for lower flows and have some spectacularly wide flow rate range capabilities. The MM series continues at ½” and above.

Sierra Range

Sierra Instruments manufacturers mass flow meters and mass flow controllers for nearly any gas, liquid, or steam application. More well known for thermal mass flowmeters Sierra also manufacture Vortex and Ultrasonic flowmeters. Remarkably, the Ultrasonic can be used for 5m diameter ducts which makes it, comfortably, able to measure the highest flow rate in the range of meters represented by Litre Meter. (the lowest? look for Ritter)

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KEM Range

KEM offers a wide range of measuring principles such as, gear, turbine, helical, Coriolis and micro flow meters. 

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Lake Range

Lake Variable Area flow meters, often referred to as rotameters, measure flow rate of a liquid or gas by relating linear displacement to volume throughput, mostly with simple visual representation of flow rate.

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Ritter Range


Ritter manufactures gas flow meters made out of various superior plastics, which are unique to the flow meter industry. The widest range of flow meters in the world are represented by Litre Meter. The Ritter MGC measures the lowest – just 1 millilitre per hour. (for the highest, look for Sierra)

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Tricor Range


TRICOR Coriolis Technology has expanded their product portfolio of Coriolis flow meters to include three distinct product lines: Classic, Pro and Specialty.

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