LSonic Flow Meter Full Range

Litre Meter Electromagnetic Flowmeter Range

One of the latest ranges of Litre Meter products introduced to the UK market. A well-known technology, at an excellent price point with a wide range of sizes and flow rate ranges. The LMag range is ideally suited to services such as waste water, water and irrigation.

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LSonic Flow Meter


Electromagnetic Insertion Flow Meter

  • Exceptional Performance and value
  • ±1% of reading from 0.3 to 6 m/s
  • 6 inch to 12 inch
  • Wet calibrated
LSonic 15 Flow Meter


Battery Powered Electromagnetic Insertion Flow Meter

  • Battery powered
  • ±2% of reading from 0.3 to 6 m/s
  • 4 inch to 12 inch
  • Minimum pipe ingress
LSonic Flow Meter


  • Exceptional Performance and value
  • ±0.75% of reading from 0.5 to 10 m/s
  • 3 inch to 12 inch
  • Short upstream length required
LSonic Flow Meter


  • Reliable and easily configured
  • ±1% over the normal operating range (25:1 turndown)
  • 1/2 – 21/2” nominal diameter
  • Highly accurate over a wide flow range required

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