Pelton Wheel Full Range

Pelton Wheel Series

Litre Meter have manufactured the LM GN, LM and MM range of Pelton Wheel turbine flowmeters since 1975.

Pelton wheel flowmeters are ideal for low viscosity liquids and low flows. The smaller flow ranges are handled by the LM series whilst for 1/2″ pipe sizes or 30 l/min and above the MM series is available. The original design, GN, has two hose connectors and a slightly limited range of sizes. Even so, flows from 0.01 to 28 l/min can be handled. A wider selection is in the LMX range which has the LM003 at the low end (0.004 to 0.060 l/min/ 4-60 ml/min), some intermediate sizes and finishes up at the 280:1 LM220 – (from 0.1 to 28 l/min).  The LMX has 1/2″ BSP or NPT male connections including a straight length to take care of odd flow profiles giving them an overall length of 180mm and a pressure rating of 100bar. A 230bar version with an FPM seal rather than PTFE is optional.  The KEM Kueppers VTC display can be specified for most Pelton meters here and provides a useful instrumentation function with a display, output, hazardous area and USB variation.

The MM pelton wheel design is notable in that it uses exactly the same rotor and ring assembly as the smaller LM range. It achieves this by being mounted in a bypass chamber across a custom orifice plate. The rotor movement is then proportional to the total flow through the meter. The threaded or piped sizes cover flow rates up to 220 l/min. Above that rate the design switches to a very compact wafer design. This gives a wide rangeability, typically 50:1 for the MM orifice/ by-pass meter.  The MM12.5 size has 1/2″ connections just like the LMX.

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LM GN Range

Low cost glass nylon meter ideal for general applications with low pressure and temperatures – hose connections.

  • 0.01 – 28 L/min in 6 standard flow ranges
  • -50°C minimum temperature
  • 2 bar 60°C; 5 bar 40°C pressure rating
  • Up to 10 cP viscosity
  • ±2% of reading over top 90% of range

LMX Range

Inline Pelton Wheel flowmeter with 1/2″BSP or NPT threads and integral flow straighteners.

  • 0.004 – 65 L/min in 10 standard flow ranges
  • Max 100 bar and 100°C
  • 230 bar option
  • 125°C & 135°C options
  • Up to 10 cP viscosity
  • ±2% of reading over top 90% of range
Pelton Wheel MMX Range

MM Range

Bypass Pelton Wheel flowmeter

  • 1 – 5500 L/min in 9 standard flow ranges
  • 5 bar, 40°C; 100 bar, 100°C
  • 125°C & 135°C options
  • Range of materials including PVC and SS
  • ±2% of reading over top 90% of range