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LSonic Flow MeterLSonic Flow Meter

Information about inline Ultrasonic flowmeters

LSonic is a range of reliable and easily configured in-line ultrasonic flow meters offering accurate flow measurement with easy configuration and no maintenance requirement.
Available to suit a variety of pipe diameters and flow rates, with very low pressure drop, LSonic units have a detachable display and internal data logging, data accessible via BACnet® or MODBUS®.

Accurate over a wide flow range

LSonic meters are accurate to within ±1% over the normal operating range (25:1 turndown) and within ±2% over an extended, 100:1 turndown, range.

Reliable, no-moving parts design

Wetted transducers measure the ultrasonic signal transit time differential up and down stream, which correlates directly to the flow rate. The direct beam path orientation significantly enhances signal strength and long-term reliability.

User-friendly backlit display & user interface

‘Smart Button’ technology in the easy to read, backlit display simplifies page navigation and programming, eliminating the need for configuration tools.

Detachable display

The LSonic user interface display detaches easily from the flow sensor, allowing it to be mounted remotely, up to 1.5m away from the sensor body.

Built-in interval data logger

Volume totals are date/time stamped and logged within the meter along with other analytical data. The data is available via BACnet® or MODBUS®.

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