Chemical Injection Additives

Methanol is often used with the same effect but more exotic chemicals are used for similar purposes all with the intention of reducing cost on the way to the refinery. It is a less known fact that flow meters are used to measure these chemicals which contribute 30% of the cost of running an offshore platform. Control systems are often manually set from the flow meter displayed value (either locally or from the SCADA system) and there is a trend towards automation of this process using control valves.

Chemical Injection Flow Meters

There is also a trend towards measuring the chemicals sub sea i.e. underwater rather than when the crude oil reaches the surface.  Not only does the flow meter have to work at high internal pressures of over 10,000 psi, 690bar but also with external pressures up to 345bar/5,000psi. The flow meter within our range that is suitable for chemical injection, is the VFF which is often called the Chemical Injection Flow Meter with over 5,000 installed on Chemical Injection worldwide.

  • What’s the best chemical injection flow meter?

    Litre Meter VFF rotary piston positive displacement flowmeters have proven to be the foremost solution for chemical injection flow metering applications. They are able to handle the wide range of flows at pressures from a few bar up to 10,000 and 20,000 psi (690 and 1,380 bar) and higher. The FlowPod instrument has been developed after […]

  • VFF

    Since 1985, we’ve supplied businesses worldwide with a large selection of durable, industry-standard Positive Displacement flow meters. For the last four decades, we’ve built a huge catalogue of products to suit your every need organised by flow ranges – from our standard range of flow meters (popular in the UK, EU and US), to our […]