Key Benefits

• No distortion of the chamber at higher pressures
• Enables selection of optimal materials for the chamber to match the rotor i.e. PVD coated stainless steel or titanium
• Enables selection of optimal materials for the pressure vessel
• Enables construction of a duplex bodied flow meter
• Interchangeable PBC for simplified sparing
• Calibration can be performed at low pressure

Meter Sizes

The VFF meter is not just one size, one specification. It’s a comprehensive range of carefully engineered devices to meet today’s standards in the most demanding oil & gas arenas. It truly is a Versatile Fluids Flow Meter. The smallest flow meter suitable for high pressure is typically housing an LF03, LF05 or LF15 rotor and chamber with FlowPod instrument and Autoclave Engineers MP connections. Then there is a medium size meter such as the VFF4, with special hub connections and FlowPod display. There is also the flow meter with hubbed connection sizes and FlowPod display, but is larger to accommodates the HF40 rotor and chamber.

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