Pelton Wheel Flowmeter Range

Information about the Pelton Wheel

Also known as a radial turbine the highly efficient Pelton Wheel meter has some major advantages. The very large blade area compared with the flow inlet port size produces an exceptionally wide range flowmeter which can measure very low flows. The flow through the inlet of the meter is accurately jetted onto the rotor which rotates at a speed in linear proportion to the flow rate. A small sensing coil detects the ferrites mounted in the rotor blade tips as they pass. No drag is imposed on the rotor which assists in the measurement of extremely low flows. Super polished sapphire bearings provide a very low friction mechanically-robust bearing with long life characteristics. Turndown can be as high as 280:1. Smallest flows are 0.004 L/min/4 ml/min. 10 standard flow rate ranges.

Alternatively the Pelton Wheel can be mounted across an orifice plate to produce linear measurement over larger flows. Due to the unique characteristics of the Pelton Wheel there is a linear relationship between the frequency and flow rate over a wide range of up to 65:1. 9 ranges cover 1 to 5,500 litres per minute.


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