The Base Model, 4 standard meters at better prices

Introducing our ”Base Model” series of VFF meters. The most popular VFF meters are now available in standard configurations at keener prices and shorter delivery times.

Base Model | VFF | Litre Meter

The Base Model Range

These are the LF15, MF30, VFF4 and VFF8 sizes. 1/2″NPT threaded female connections, 316L stainless steel bodies and elastomer seals complete the specification. The internals are PVD coated stainless steel and using the standard calibration guarantees the best lead-time and price. All chambers are in-stock with 15cP calibration.

LF VFF Flowmeter
LF VFF Flowmeter with Direct Mounted FlowPod
  • LF15 0.75 to 90 l/hr, 15cP
  • MF30 1.20 to 180 l/hr, 15cP
  • VFF4 2.40 to 400 l/hr, 15cP
  • VFF8 4.80 to 800 l/hr, 15cP

As with all VFF meters the drawings are available at time of quote from a link. These four meter types are all:

  • 316L Rotary Piston VFF Flowmeter, PBC type. Pressure rating 530 bar.
  • Nitronic 60 Rotor and Chamber with ultra low friction PVD coating
  • Viton O’ring Seals
  • 1/2 inch female NPT
  • Direct mounted FlowPod display

Complete with:

  • Exd certification
  • Material Test Certificates
  • Hydrostatic Certificate and
  • Calibration Certificates

The seals can be swapped to Nitrile, EPDM or PTFE Encapsulated Viton O-ring Seals at no extra cost. Other materials such as Chemraz and Kalrez cost extra but are available on the same swift lead time.

Calibration can be customised according to the customer’s requirement at extra cost but still on the same 2 week lead time.

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Base Model Technical Data

LF Drawings

MF30 Drawings

VFF4 and VFF8 Drawings

Certification etc

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If you have any questions regarding the Base Model Chemical Injection Range, you can contact us directly on 01296 620 700, alternatively use the form below and we will get back to you shortly.

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