21 Feb

At Litre Meter we are industry leaders in producing high pressure flow meters. But how do we ensure the pressures our customers request, can be safely achieved?

Pressure Ratings

Generally, the pressure ratings for our flowmeters depend on the rating of the connection. Within our standard line of VFF flow meters, we provide “Medium Pressure” fittings that can be rated up to 1380 bar (20k psi).

In order to guarantee that the flow meter will hold under normal service conditions, we perform a hydrostatic pressure test on every flow meter we deliver.

This involves pressurising the flow meter to 1.5 times the rated pressure and holding it there for 30 minutes.

How do we do it?

Given that we can test to pressures over 2000 bar (30k psi), safety is a serious factor to consider.

We worked with our pressure test partners, Staffordshire Hydraulics, to specify a pressure tester that was simple to operate, gave us additional capabilities and, most importantly, was safer for our Production Engineers to use.

Pressure Testing Flow Meters

We now have our new rig, which has a test chamber that can safely contain even our largest flow meter, the V125. The test chamber interlocks so if the lid is opened while a flow meter is under test, the pressure is immediately removed from the system. It is installed in our German manufacturing facility.

Pressure Equipment Directive (PED) regulations require pictures to be taken of the flow meter under test, so a viewing window has been included. A two-pump system also means our Production Engineers can quickly and accurately achieve the pressure required.

The rig also has pressure transducer capability, which will allow us to produce graphs of the tests as further evidence of the safety of our flow meters.