Technologies for your Project

Our in-house Design Consultancy are specialists in their field; flow measurement design and engineering. Using CAD software and working alongside our R&D Team, we will design, develop and manufacture your flow meter uniquely for your requirements and specifications.

Our ‘out of the box’ thinking and innovative designs will endeavour to design and engineer the right flow measurement solution for your requirements.



Manufacturing Flow Meters

Our Production Team are specialist in the flow industry and manufactures your flowmeter alongside 50,000 others each year; they will be tested and calibrated before they arrive at your business.

We have more than ten calibration rigs in-house that can be used with low and high-viscosity liquids, including water. The flow rates are from a few ml per hour to over 1000 l/min, all traceable to National Standards or DKD. We use the calibration methodologies of gravimetric flying start/stop, master meter, and Litre Meter’s own FlowLab.

  • High Pressure

    At Litre Meter we engineer our flow meters to reach pressures of 20,000 PSI and above. Find out about our high pressure capabilities today.

  • Chemical Injection

    Chemical injection is the process designed to assist in the production of oil. Our VFF is the ideal flow solution for chemical injection.

  • Subsea

    Subsea industry leaders with over 45 years’ experience, we are specialists in low flow/high pressure engineering.

VFF / Flowpod

Litre Meter pioneered the development of the world-renowned VFF rotary piston flow meter: accurate, effective, and versatile flow meters, to suit a range of applciations in the Oil and Gas sector.

The VFF Flow Meter is the meter of choice in Chemical Injection applciations or those that require high pressure tolerance, low flow capabilities, and corrosion resistance, such as:

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