Volumetric flow rate or mass flow rate?

As with most flowmeter selection processes the choice of volumetric or mass is decided by just a couple of criteria. Here’s how: The first step is defining the fluid type i.e. liquid, gas, steam etc. Once you’ve decided your application is liquid, the next most important criteria is cost. Whilst it’s true that some processes … Read more

Five secrets to selecting the optimum ultrasonic flowmeter

Flow meters based on the ultrasonic principle can be excellent solutions to flow measurement problems.  Our CEO Charles Wemyss exposes five secrets to consider when selecting the best Ultrasonic flow meter. Ultrasonically conductive In traditional clamp-on ultrasonic flow meters, the transducers are clamped to the outside of the pipe and an acoustic gel is essential … Read more

What Wikipedia can’t tell you about Flowmeters

Wikipedia is a great resource but as with all pages with contributions by the public, it relies heavily on moderators and, bots. Flowmeters on Wiki Various pages on flowmeters have been created but not necessarily ideally split between technologies, markets or applications. Each lists some basics such as principles of operation and they may have … Read more

V125 flowmeter trends

We’ve noticed a trend in Chemical Injection Flowmeters Over the last year we have seen an increase in V125 flowmeter sales. Our CEO Charles Wemyss takes a closer look at the flowmeter normally used in chemical injection applications. Litre Meter’s VFF range Our range of VFF sizes goes from the very lowest flows in the … Read more

Industrial water flow meters

How discoveries dating back centuries underpin the most popular flowmeters on the current millenium.

Flow Monitoring in Hazardous Locations

All  of Litre Meter’s VFF flowmeters are certified for use in Hazardous Areas.  They are supplied with certification as standard approved to ATEX, IECEx and CSA US standards.  Normal instrumentation is the Litre Meter FlowPod which can be mounted directly on the meter or remotely. Optionally, the Fluidwell range can be used with IS specification. … Read more

What are non-invasive flowmeters? An expert view.

These types of flowmeters specifically doesn’t ‘invade’ the pipeline. By definition then, there is no obstruction to the flow which gives this type of metering a significant advantage over many others. Sign up to the Litre Meter Newsletter FlowSight Clamp-on flowmeters are typical of the non-invasive type thereby utilising the pipe itself for measurement and … Read more

The Base Model, 4 standard meters at better prices

Introducing our ”Base Model” series of VFF meters. The most popular VFF meters are now available in standard configurations at keener prices and shorter delivery times. The Base Model Range These are the LF15, MF30, VFF4 and VFF8 sizes. 1/2″NPT threaded female connections, 316L stainless steel bodies and elastomer seals complete the specification. The internals … Read more

Vinyl Acetate Coating – Accurate Flow Measurement

HIGHLY ACCURATE AND RELIABLE PROCESS CONTROL Application: Vinyl acetate Veova polymers are widely used in coating industries as a paint binder. These polymers are recommended for alkali-resistant emulsion paint with scrub resistance. The emulsions also display good weathering resistance. They are recommended for low sheen paint and exterior matt & textured paint. Typical Applications include: … Read more

Combination Flowmeter & Bluetooth Instrument

Compact & Bluetooth Pelton Wheel Meter for Low Flow

Litre Meter are pleased to announce that the combination of the field proven Pelton wheel meter with the newly introduced RT-50 from AW Lake has resulted in a unique instrument. The LMGN pelton wheel is available in a variety of flow ranges and has been integrated into the plastic housing of the RT-50 which is … Read more

What the World Would Be Like If Flowmeters Didn’t Exist?


Up well of Nilometer building with one column in the middle calibrated to measure the level of River Nile, dates from 715 AD, located in Rhoda Island, River Nile Flowmeters have many uses. Perhaps a look to their history will give us a clue to their ubiquity and necessity? The history of the flowmeter The … Read more

Six Degrees of customisation

Litre Meter supply a range of flow meters for Oil & Gas applications. They specialise in customising a range of flowmeters to meet specific customer requirements. A good example of this is flow meters for subsea use i.e. with the ability to work subsea and transmit a flow signal signal to the surface. The image … Read more

What Flowmeter calibration techniques do Litre Meter use?

Essentially, there are three separate calibration methods that Litre Meter have in-house to calibrate a range of flowmeters.  As the fluids can vary from water to thick oil and the flows range from a few millilitres per hour to 1,000 litres per minute, there are not only three calibration methods but 10 rigs in total, … Read more

Pelton Wheel flowmeters

Litre Meter manufacture and distribute an enviable range of flowmeters. From the low flow robustness of the VFF positive displacement meter to the precision of the Tricor Coriolis range, Litre Meter have a solution to your tricky measurement application.  Call our engineers now to receive the best advice on meter selection and application. LM & … Read more

Measuring Sodium Hypochlorite in Hazardous Areas

Sodium Hypochlorite can be difficult to measure as it requires specific wetted materials. Litre Meter have two technologies available for sodium hypochlorite flow measurement.

Flowmeters for Sodium Hypochlorite – Hazardous Area, too

Litre Meter can provide optimum solutions for a wide range of flow rates of Sodium Hypochlorite. Using a variety of materials, a flowmeter can be constructed that handles any specific concentration of NaOCl and provide a display and/or output for measurement and control.

Exclusive distributors of KEM Kuppers flowmeters

Litre Meter are now the exclusive UK distributors of the KEM Küppers range of flowmeters.  These include the ZHM, SRZ positive displacement, HM turbine and the Tricor coriolis series. Sign up for FlowSight, the Litre Meter newsletter. ZHM: Positive displacement gear meter with wide range and in a variety of materials including aluminium and 316 stainless steel. … Read more

The versatile VFF

Litre Meter still manufactures flowmeters, but with a shift in focus – more than 80% of its products are designed specifically for the harsh conditions of the offshore oil and gas industry.

Chemical injection – from Africa to Arctic

Two articles in the current issue of Offshore magazine cover very different areas of the world ? West Africa and the Arctic. They also cover very different scenarios. One is talking about ‘brownfield’ development – extending the life of existing fields and brining new reserves online through existing infrastructure. The other is focused on new technologies … Read more

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